Pump.co - AWS Savings Referral Program

Pump.co - AWS Savings Referral Program

Pump.co is a platform that helps businesses reduce their AWS costs using AI and group buying. It allows companies to get big discounts on AWS without needing technical changes. The platform is user-friendly, secure, and can save users up to 60% on their AWS bills.

If you're familiar with Amazon Web Services (AWS), you'll recognize the immense potential of Pump.co as an affiliate opportunity.

How Pump.co's Referral Program Works:

  1. Spread the Love: If you've had a positive experience with Pump and want others to benefit from it, this is your chance. Pump.co believes in rewarding both their customers and partners equally for referrals.
  2. Easy Referrals: Simply invite your friends via email or share your personalized link.
  3. Rewarding Terms: When your referred friends, who have an AWS spend of over $2000/month, sign up, you get to enjoy 1% of their AWS spend for the first two years. What's more, your friend receives a $250 bonus just for signing up. (sign up here if you want the FREE $250 bonus)
  4. Generous Cap: With a cap of $1M/year, there's a lot of potential to earn and for people to save using AWS.
  5. Flexible Rewards: At the end of each month, you can choose to claim your rewards either as AWS credits or cash.

For more detailed information, check out Pump.co's affiliate page.

Why Pump.co's Referral Program Stands Out:

  1. No Additional Costs: It's absolutely free to sign up. Pump only takes a percentage of the savings generated, ensuring you always benefit.
  2. The AWS Advantage: AWS is a giant in the cloud computing world. With countless businesses, both big and small, relying on AWS, the potential for savings is vast.
  3. Potential for Big Rewards: The referral program rewards you with 1% of the AWS fee. Given that some of the world's largest companies use AWS, which is also the most significant segment of Amazon's business, the earnings can be substantial.
  4. Stickiness Factor: Once businesses integrate AWS and set it up with their applications, they're unlikely to switch. This means consistent savings for them and continuous rewards for you.


Pump.co offers a unique platform that uses AI and group buying to help businesses slash their AWS costs by up to 60%. Recognizing its potential, especially for those familiar with AWS, it presents a powerful affiliate opportunity. The referral program is straightforward: refer people, and when they spend over $2000/month on AWS, you earn 1% of their spend for two years, with a cap of $1M/year.

Plus, there's a $250 bonus for new sign-ups.

The program stands out because it's free, taps into the vast AWS market, and promises substantial rewards. Ultimately, Pump.co is about fostering a community that mutually benefits from AWS savings.

Join, refer, and reap the rewards!

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