Vizzlo: Business Graphics & Charts Affiliate Program

Vizzlo: Business Graphics & Charts Affiliate Program

Vizzlo is an innovative platform designed to help professionals create high-quality charts and business graphics with ease.

Whether you're looking to design the simplest pie chart or delve into more complex data visualizations, Vizzlo has got you covered. With its seamless plug-ins for PowerPoint and Google Slides, cloud support, and platform-agnostic desktop apps, Vizzlo ensures that tools don't add extra steps to your workflow. Instead, it exists precisely where and when you need it.

Vizzlo's Affiliate Program:

For those interested in promoting Vizzlo and earning commissions, the platform offers a lucrative referral program. Here are the details:

  • 33% First Order Commission: Affiliates earn a 33% commission on the first order when they refer customers to Vizzlo's monthly plans.
  • $20 Cash Bonus: For every 5 customers you refer, you receive a $20 cash reward. This bonus is a testament to Vizzlo's appreciation for its affiliates' efforts.
  • 15% Commission on Yearly Plans: If you refer customers to Vizzlo's yearly plans, you get a 15% commission on the first invoice.

For those eager to join the program and start earning, you can sign up here.


Vizzlo is not just a tool; it's a solution for professionals from various fields, including consultants, project managers, enterprises, and developers. With its intuitive interface, customizable design templates, and collaborative features, Vizzlo ensures that everyone in your organization is aligned and on the same page.

If you're passionate about data visualization and want to earn by promoting a reliable tool, Vizzlo's affiliate program is worth considering.

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