Flock Social : Grow your Instagram Affiliate Program

Flock Social : Grow your Instagram Affiliate Program

Flock Social is an ingenious platform dedicated to aiding Instagram users in amplifying their online presence. Through its range of tools, users can significantly grow their Instagram audience and followers, ensuring an organic and authentic growth​​. The platform is built on a user-friendly interface, making it a breeze for individuals and businesses alike to navigate through its features​.

Flock Social employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to manage and enhance your Instagram interactions, thus ensuring your profile remains engaging and continually growing​.


The primary usage of Flock Social revolves around Instagram growth. It's an invaluable resource for individuals and businesses looking to expand their Instagram reach. The platform offers features like Follow/Unfollow Automation, Real & Organic Growth, Targeting by Account or Hashtags, among others, which are integral in building a robust and engaging Instagram presence.

Affiliate Program:

Flock Social isn’t just about growing your Instagram; it’s also an avenue to earn by helping others grow their Instagram audience. Their affiliate program is designed to reward individuals for every new subscription made through their referral link. The program offers a 25% commission on every payment made by the referred user, including initial and recurring payments​. This commission is not a one-time reward; affiliates continue to earn for every month their referrals remain subscribed to Flock Social. Interested individuals can easily sign up for the affiliate program here and start earning from their referrals.

Cost and Commission Calculation:

The Instagram Explorer plan on Flock Social is priced at $69 per month​. With the 25% commission rate from the affiliate program, here’s a breakdown of potential earnings for different numbers of sign-ups:

Number of Sign-upsMonthly CommissionAnnual Commission


The Flock Social affiliate program presents a remarkable opportunity for individuals to monetize their network. The potential for earning is substantial, particularly due to the recurring nature of the commissions.

It's not just a one-time earning opportunity; it’s a continuous earning avenue as long as your referrals stay subscribed. This, coupled with the growing popularity and essential utility of Flock Social for Instagram growth, makes the affiliate program an attractive proposition for anyone looking to earn by leveraging their network.

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