Wiza.co - Prospecting lists on LinkedIn + Our Affiliate Expereince

Wiza.co - Prospecting lists on LinkedIn + Our Affiliate Expereince

Wiza.co, a tool designed to streamline LinkedIn lead generation. Like many digital platforms, Wiza has an affiliate program that promises lucrative commissions for referrals. In this blog post, we delve into our experience with the Wiza affiliate program, highlighting the earning potential and discussing our results.

The Affiliate Program:

Wiza's affiliate program is straightforward. For every referral, affiliates earn a 20% commission on all payments made by the referred customer. This is an enticing offer, especially considering the potential for recurrent commissions if referrals continue to use Wiza's services.

Our Journey:

We embarked on promoting Wiza through various online channels and managed to drive 144 visitors to their platform through our unique referral link. From these visitors, 16 converted to leads and 2 proceeded to make purchases. As a result, we earned commissions totaling $312.10. The commission structure is transparent and the earning potential is substantial, especially for those who have a good network of potential customers interested in optimizing their LinkedIn lead generation processes.

Pending Payments:

However, it's important to shed light on a hiccup we encountered – the payout. Our commission earnings are still pending, and despite reaching out to Wiza for the payouts, we haven't received any communication back from them yet. This is a point of concern and something we hope to see resolved soon.


Wiza's affiliate program offers a promising avenue for earning commissions by promoting a valuable tool for LinkedIn lead generation. However, our experience with the payout process has been less than smooth. We will continue to follow up with Wiza regarding our pending commissions and update our readers with any progress. The earning potential is there, but a prompt and clear payout process is crucial to foster trust and long-term engagement between Wiza and its affiliates.

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