BannerBear - Automate & Scale Your Marketing

BannerBear - Automate & Scale Your Marketing

The ability to automate and scale your marketing efforts is crucial. Bannerbear, a platform that helps you auto-generate social media visuals, e-commerce banners, and more, is a tool many businesses have found invaluable. But does Bannerbear offer an affiliate program? Let's find out.

Bannerbear's Affiliate Program

Yes, Bannerbear does have an affiliate program. The "Friends of Bannerbear" program offers a 30% commission on all payments for paying customers that you refer to their website. If you refer a customer to Bannerbear and they make a purchase, you will receive a 30% commission on that sale.

How to Join the Affiliate Program

Joining the Friends of Bannerbear affiliate program is straightforward. You must provide your first, last, and email address on the signup page. You will also need to create a password for your account. Once you have filled out this information and agreed to the Terms of Service, you can start referring customers and earning commissions.

If you are a fan of Bannerbear and believe in its value, joining the Friends of Bannerbear affiliate program could be a great way to earn some extra income. With a generous commission rate of 30%, it's an opportunity worth considering.

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