Neutraltext - Automate your content operations

Neutraltext - Automate your content operations

NeuralText is a powerful content marketing platform that uses AI to streamline and automate content operations. It's a tool trusted by many content teams, offering features like keyword discovery, SEO analysis, and AI-assisted copywriting. But does NeuralText offer an affiliate program? Let's find out.

NeuralText's Affiliate Program

Yes, NeuralText does have an affiliate program. If you have an audience interested in SEO and content marketing or an existing customer who loves NeuralText, you can promote the platform through your channels and earn passive income.

How Does It Work?

As an affiliate partner, you'll earn a 30% recurring monthly income for life for every new customer you bring to NeuralText. The referral cookie lasts 60 days, meaning if a user purchases a product within 60 days of their first visit via your referral link, you'll earn a commission.

Tracking and Payment

NeuralText provides accurate analytics, allowing you to easily track customers, referrals, clicks, and commissions in one place. Commissions are paid out every first week of the month for all signups that occurred at least 30 days earlier, as long as the commissions due exceed $100.


While there are no caps on how much money you can make, there are some restrictions on how you can market NeuralText. For instance, running search ads for the NeuralText brand to drive affiliate traffic is prohibited and could lead to a ban.


NeuralText does offer an affiliate program with a generous 30% recurring commission. This provides a great opportunity for those in the SEO and content marketing space to earn passive income by promoting a tool they trust and love. If you want to become an affiliate partner, you can apply on the NeuralText Affiliate Program page.

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