HeyGen - AI Video Generator

HeyGen - AI Video Generator

HeyGen is an innovative video platform that leverages the capabilities of generative AI to revolutionize the video creation process.

It offers a streamlined approach to producing videos, making it as simple as creating PowerPoint presentations. Here's a brief overview of how it works and its features:

  1. Create AI Videos in 3 Steps:
    • Step 1: Choose from over 100 AI avatars or design your own.
    • Step 2: Input your script. There are over 300 voices available in more than 40 languages.
    • Step 3: Submit your content, and your video will be generated within minutes.
  2. Why Choose HeyGen:
    • No video editing skills are required.
    • Offers over 100 diverse and customizable realistic avatars.
    • Features lip-sync capabilities with 300+ voices in 40+ languages.
    • Convert text to video in mere minutes.
  3. Applications:
    • Produce professional business videos for marketing, sales, training, onboarding, and more.
    • Create explainer videos, personalized sales pitches, e-learning content, and news segments.
  4. Features:
    • Convert text to video directly from your browser.
    • Upload your voice recordings to create a personalized avatar.
    • Choose from 300+ voices in 40+ languages.
    • Combine multiple scenes into a single video.
    • Download videos in 1080P resolution.
    • Share videos easily with colleagues or clients.
    • Access a wide range of creative styles, including fonts, images, and background music.

HeyGen Affiliate Program

HeyGen's Affiliate Program is designed to help distribute its powerful AI video generator globally. As an affiliate partner, you can earn money by promoting HeyGen. Here's what you need to know:

  1. Potential Earnings:
    • The program provides a detailed breakdown of potential earnings based on monthly and yearly subscriber sales. Commissions are based on the specific plan chosen by the customer, with potential yearly earnings ranging from $10,440 to $323,640, assuming 10 subscriptions per month.
  2. How to Become an Affiliate:
    • Step 1: Apply by filling out a simple Google form.
    • Step 2: Share your exclusive affiliate link and monitor its performance in real-time using Rewardful.
    • Step 3: Encourage your audience to sign up on HeyGen, and you'll get paid for your referrals.
  3. Promotion Tips:
    • Target audience includes professionals from the film industry, video editors, content creators, real estate agents, educators, and consultants.
    • Highlight HeyGen's unique features like Text to real human video, TalkingPhoto, FaceSwap, and Voice Clone.
  4. Payout Information:
    • Payouts are made within the first five business days of each month.
    • Commissions are based on the actual amounts received by HeyGen.
    • The minimum balance for payouts is $30, and they are made exclusively through PayPal.
  5. Legal & Branding:
    • Affiliates must comply with laws and avoid impersonating HeyGen. They should also refrain from bidding on branded keyword search terms related to HeyGen on paid search campaigns.

For more details, you can refer to the HeyGen Affiliate Partner Terms and Conditions.

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