Gumroad – Sell what you know and see what sticks

Gumroad – Sell what you know and see what sticks

Gumroad is a popular online platform that allows creators to sell their products directly to consumers. It's a versatile marketplace where you can find a wide array of digital and physical products created by a diverse community of artists, designers, authors, and more.

Gumroad has a great affiliate program. Simply sign up to a normal gumroad account and go here.  This program allows users to promote products on the platform and earn a commission on any sales they refer. The affiliate program is quite flexible, offering two options: Your Affiliates, where you approve affiliates and set a customizable rate, and Gumroad Affiliates, where anyone can choose to be an affiliate and earn a fixed 10% fee on any sales they refer.

The affiliate program is designed to be user-friendly. Affiliates can create any link to any page on Gumroad and receive a 10% commission. The platform uses browser cookies to track sales referred by affiliates. If a customer makes a purchase within 7 days of clicking an affiliate link, even if it's for a different product, the affiliate will be credited for the sale.

Moreover, Gumroad offers a range of tools to manage and track affiliate sales. Affiliates can be added manually or through a sign-up form, and their sales volume can be monitored from the Affiliates dashboard. Affiliates are also paid out every other Friday, just like Gumroad creators.

Gumroad is not only a platform for creators to sell their products but also a great opportunity for individuals to earn through their affiliate program. The variety of products on Gumroad and the flexibility of its affiliate program make it an attractive option for those looking to earn through affiliate marketing.

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