Fantasy Football Hub - Home For All Things FPL

A platform dedicated to helping users excel in Fantasy Premier League (FPL).
Fantasy Football Hub - Home For All Things FPL

Fantasy Football Hub is a platform dedicated to helping users excel in Fantasy Premier League (FPL). The website's tagline is "Winning at Fantasy Premier League just got easier."

It offers a plethora of FPL tips, tools, and resources to help users dominate their mini-leagues. The site provides various features, including:

  • FPL Tips for Gameweeks: Expert advice on the best FPL defenders, midfielders, forwards, and more for each gameweek.
  • Live Rank and Fixture Ticker: Users can check their live rank and view upcoming fixtures for Premier League teams.
  • Latest Articles: The site regularly publishes articles on various FPL topics, such as player performance reviews, team reveals, and strategy guides.
  • Tools and Games: Features like "My Team," "OPTA Stats," "Points Prediction," and "Player Comparison" help users make informed decisions about their FPL teams.
  • Community Interaction: The platform has a "Discord" and "App" for users to interact and discuss FPL strategies.

Fantasy Football Hub 2023 Affiliate Program

Fantasy Football Hub has an affiliate program for the year 2023, hosted on the Rewardful platform. Here's a brief overview of the program:

  • Commission Structure: Affiliates can earn a £20 commission on the first payment made by paying customers they refer to
  • Sign-Up Process: Interested individuals can join the affiliate program by providing their first name, last name, email, and creating a password. Once registered, they can access their affiliate dashboard, track referrals, and view their earnings.
  • Platform: The affiliate program is hosted on the Rewardful platform, which provides tools and features to help affiliates promote Fantasy Football Hub and track their commissions.

Promoting FFH: A Week in Review

Since the 16th of August 2023, just a mere week ago, we embarked on a promotional journey for FFH. Today, on the 22nd of August, it's time to take a step back and analyze the results of our efforts.

The Numbers:

  • Link Clicks: 686
  • Leads: 19
  • Conversions: 15
  • Revenue Generated: £300

Let's break down these numbers.

1. Value Driven Per Click:
To calculate the value driven per click, we'll divide the total revenue by the number of link clicks.

So, for every click on our link, we drove an average value of £0.44.

2. Conversion Rate:
To determine the conversion rate, we'll divide the number of conversions by the number of visitors (link clicks).

This means that 2.18% of the people who clicked on our link ended up converting.

3. Making It Profitable - The Cost Per Click (CPC):
To make our campaign profitable, we need to ensure that the cost to get each click (CPC) is less than the value we derive from each click. Since our value per click is £0.44, our CPC needs to be less than this to make a profit.


Over the past week, our promotional efforts for FFH have driven a value of £0.44 per click with a conversion rate of 2.18%. To ensure profitability, our CPC should ideally be less than £0.44. As we move forward, keeping an eye on these metrics will be crucial to optimizing our campaigns and ensuring a positive return on investment.

The Fantasy Football Hub 2023 affiliate program offers a straightforward commission structure, allowing affiliates to earn £20 for each paying customer they refer. The program is designed to incentivize and reward individuals for promoting and bringing new members to the Fantasy Football Hub platform.

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