Dux-Soup : LinkedIn Automation Tool and Its Affiliate Program

Dux-Soup : LinkedIn Automation Tool and Its Affiliate Program

Dux-Soup is a game-changer in the realm of LinkedIn automation. As the #1 LinkedIn automation tool, it promises to accelerate your LinkedIn sales pipeline, saving you hours of time and driving significant business growth.

With Dux-Soup, you can get fresh, qualified LinkedIn leads every day, allowing you to grow your sales pipeline faster than ever before. But that's not all; Dux-Soup also offers an attractive affiliate program for those who wish to promote this powerful tool. Let's dive deeper into what Dux-Soup offers and how you can benefit from its affiliate program.

Dux-Soup: A Brief Overview

Dux-Soup is designed to help professionals, growth hackers, lead generation agencies, and business owners uncover more opportunities on LinkedIn. Here's how it works:

  1. Find Your Perfect Audience: Dux-Soup operates on your native LinkedIn, Recruiter, or Sales Navigator account, ensuring the safety of your LinkedIn account and retaining all activity history.
  2. Connect and Engage: Create intelligent campaigns that send LinkedIn connection invitations, view profiles, send InMails, and messages. All these actions are automated, personalized, and come with custom time delays.
  3. Generate and Manage Leads: Follow up on responses in LinkedIn or send new leads to your preferred CRM system. Dux-Soup provides all the campaign statistics you need to optimize your LinkedIn lead generation.

Dux-Soup Affiliate Program

Dux-Soup's affiliate program offers an opportunity to earn up to 50% commission on the 1st year and 20% commission on years 2 and 3 with annual plans. For monthly plans, you can earn a 50% commission on the 1st month and 20% commission on subsequent months up to 12 months.

Benefits of Joining the Affiliate Program:

  • Tracking Dashboard: Monitor your sales, create unique links, and get automatically validated commissions.
  • Dedicated Affiliate Support: Receive VIP affiliate assistance and access to partner resources.
  • Growing Opportunity: Earn between 20% to 50% of the deal value, depending on the number of users signed up under your affiliate link.

FAQs About the Affiliate Program:

  • Paid Ads: Dux-Soup does not allow the promotion of referral links through paid ads from any ad network. Violation of this rule can lead to the closure of the affiliate account and cancellation of any outstanding commission.
  • Self-Referrals: Signing up using one's own referral link is strictly prohibited.
  • Client Sign-Ups: It's recommended to sign up from your clients’ computers using your referral link. If not possible, always use the referral link and then email the client's sign-up details to info@dux-soup.com.
  • Missed Referrals: If a client signs up without using the referral link, the account cannot be re-assigned to a promoter.
  • Tracking Issues: Sign-ups and rewards are tracked based on browser cookies. If there's a discrepancy, affiliates can contact support@firstpromoter.com.
  • Referral Cookie Life: The referral cookie lasts for 60 days.
  • Payment: Payouts are processed monthly with a payment threshold of $100.

Dux-Soup is not just a tool; it's an opportunity. Whether you're looking to streamline your LinkedIn lead generation or earn through its affiliate program, Dux-Soup has something for everyone. So, if you're ready to take your LinkedIn game to the next level, give Dux-Soup a try!

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